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Frequently Asked Questions
As you go through our web site you might have some questions that other students have asked before. Here are some of them
Do we teach manual transmission?
No, we do not teach driving manual transmission, only automatic transmission.
Do we have CDL classes?
No, we do not have CDL classes. However, we do offer some CDL-related online courses.
Do all driving instructors speak English?
Yes, all of our driving instructors are bilingual, They speak English-Spanish or English-Russian.
Does the driving instructor come to student's house for pick up?
If you live/work/study in Kendall (East or West), or any area close by, we would provide free pick up.
Must a student have the restricted license/learners license/driving permit in order to schedule driving lessons?
Yes, by law a student must hold a valid FL restricted license or a valid foreign drivers license in order to schedule driving classes.
How much is one driving lesson? $$$
One driving lesson is $150
Is there a charge to make an appointment online?
No, there is no charge to make an appointment online. Once you book an appointment we give you a call/text back with payment information.
Do we have a motorcycle riding classes?
No, we do not provide motorcycle riding classes.
How much is the Driving Test?
$100 (comes with 2 tries)
How much is the Written Test?
Have a question?
Not a problem! We are always here ready to assist you 786-616-9381